Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The project

1.Name of Project: Thank you my computer
2.Brief one-sentence description of project: stories of successful uses of computers and the internet by students.
3.Full description of project:
The computer is certainly the main tools that all students share all over the world .However different students use the computer and the net in different ways.In order to enable students to share knowledge and to bridge the information bridge , I set forth this project.
4.Age/level of project participants:
5.Timetable/schedule for 2004-2005:
start : September 15
End : May 15
6.Possible project/classroom activities:
* Posting in iEARN forum on the best uses of the computer .
* Browsing the net to try ney tools.
* Writing reviews on the most effective sites for students.
* Reporting on the successful uses of the Pc in economic activities.
7.Expected outcomes/products:
-An expanding iEARN forum.
-A booklet of useful tools and links.
-A guide booklet for successful economic projects.

8.Project contribution to others and the planet:
** Make students share information
** Bridge the information gap between people
** Raising students awareness that the Pc can have multiple uses other than they are used to know.
9.Project language(s):
10.Curriculum area: English , computer sciences
11.Names/email of initial participating groups:
12.Name of facilitator(s): Mokhtar OUNIS
13.Email of facilitator(s):
14.iEARN Forum/Newsgroup where it will take place or is taking place
(or leave blank and one will be assigned):
15.WWW page of project (optional):

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